Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Learn from other companies successfully working with smallholder farmers.


Exportadora Café California packages financial instruments for increased long-term yield and farmer profitability.

ECC incorporated multiple financial instruments in the package to make renovation and professionalization attractive to farmers.
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ECOM offer tailored services through a Sustainable Management Services (SMS) that farmers are willing to pay for.

This model provides a range of services to smallholders and charges them service fees. The model aims to become financially self-sufficient.
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Anatrans trains and gradually remits service delivery and sourcing responsibilities to well-performing farmer groups to reduce cashew-sourcing costs.

The model works by segmenting producer organizations (POs), building their capacity, and incentivizing and empowering them to take on a bigger role in managing the supply chain including a growing role in the SDM.
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Syngenta establishes key partnerships to serve 100,000 smallholders in Kenya enabling them to purchase input packages.

In this partnership-based SDM, farmers receive a full range of services that include training, finance (loans), crop insurance, access to a package consisting of hybrid seeds, fertilizers, and crop protection, and market linkages.
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Jungle Nuts implements a farmer-clustering model and farmer-management system to source more, traceable high-quality macadamias.

Individual outgrower farmers scattered in seven different regions of Kenya are organized into clusters to help create a more effective and efficient engagement service-delivery mechanism.
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Allied Atlantic Distilleries Ltd eliminate side-selling and increases the quantity and quality of cassava through block farming.

A total of 2,000 hectares was leased to smallholders under a Block Farming Program. Professional mechanization services were offered to farmers, increasing the quantity and quality of cassava produced.
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